SKU Distribution:
The E-Commerce Solution

Getting an item from the warehouse to the customer’s front door takes a lot of coordination across a vast network. Any small error along the way can lead to an unfilled order and an unsatisfied customer. We help mitigate fulfillment errors by working directly with our customers to optimize their inventory management.

Faster + More Cost-Effective + Happy Customers

Whether you ready to make a change or just want an assessment of the process your current provider utilizes, our industry experts offer a free, in-depth analysis to identify areas where cost-saving optimizations are needed.​

Our Features

Our advanced Warehouse Management platform offers complete transparency and visibility at every stage of the fulfillment process in real-time, leaving our customers to better utilize their time to focus on growing their business.

e-Commerce Capabilities

We offer integration with e-commerce platforms, like Shopify. We provide web-based inventory and order monitoring as well as eCommerce Returns Processing to make product management hassle-free for you. Check out our Order Fulfillment Page to find out more about our Expedited Shipping Services, including Same-Day Shipping and Fulfillment.

e-Commerce Warehouse Solutions

Reduce cash tied up in inventory with our storage solutions for e-commerce. We offer lower warehouse storage fees with high customer satisfaction. We will improve demand planning and help you increase inventory turn rate with zero shrinkage allowance.

Automation Technologies

With SKU Distribution, you can track shipments in real time. Fast-track the decision-making process through live, accurate reporting. We provide automated return processing, automated order fulfillment, and fewer inquiries for your customer service team.

Returns Logistics

Returns in any business is inevitable.  Our return process is designed to allow your customer a quick refund experience. Returns are processed in less than 48 hours depending on your return policy, we can customize the return process specific to your needs.