Lithium Ion
Battery Storage

Our warehouse boasts 145,000 sq ft of meticulously permitted and approved space for storing Lithium Ion Battery cells. This approval, resulting from an intensive process involving the Fire Marshall and City, is exceptionally rare and unique. It required the expertise of a consulting firm to navigate. With Lucid Motors as a client, we stored around 5,000 pallets of battery cells, utilizing our approval to stack pallets three levels high, a capability unparalleled in the industry. This unique setup not only optimizes space but also meets stringent safety requirements, including special Fire Suppression Heads and increased water pressure.

Moreover, our advanced inventory management system allows us to track inventory with precision, capturing crucial details such as Manufacturer’s date and lot number. This ensures complete traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain, providing peace of mind to our clients and facilitating seamless logistics operations.

Most warehouses can only store battery cells on the floor, limiting capacity and requiring extensive spacing between pods. In contrast, our facility’s three-level stacking capability significantly increases efficiency and capacity. This combination of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status and Lithium Ion-approved storage is highly coveted, particularly by EV manufacturers. For instance, with Lucid’s cells alone, we housed approximately $300M worth of inventory, saving them significant costs on duties, taxes, and processing fees.

Furthermore, our facility’s FTZ status provides additional benefits, such as duty deferral and exemption on re-exported goods. This, coupled with our expertise in handling hazardous materials, makes us an ideal partner for businesses in the electric vehicle industry. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety ensures that your valuable inventory is stored securely and efficiently while minimizing costs associated with customs duties and taxes.

Our unique combination of FTZ status, Lithium Ion-approved storage capabilities, and advanced inventory management system makes us an invaluable asset for businesses seeking secure, efficient, and cost-effective warehousing solutions in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry.